Accessing the GO!NotifyLink Client Web

There are several settings, configurable on the GO!NotifyLink Client Web, that control what synchronizes to your device.  See Email and PIM Settings.  What follows are instructions for accessing the Client Web online.  You may need to consult your system administrator for server address information.


When instructions in this guide direct you to change a setting from the Client Web:

On Premise Users:  In your web browser, enter the server address of the web server
running the Http/Web component of GO!NotifyLink, followed by /client/

On Demand Users:  In your web browser, enter the server address of the On Demand web server:

Where # is indicated, insert the server number you have been assigned to (without brackets <>).


In the Username and Password fields of the Login screen, enter the email address and password of your mail account.  (You can change the password assigned to you in the Client Web from the Accounts page.)


Consult the Enterprise Server Client Web Guide for more information on the Client Web.


Device IT Policy Comparison Chart

Link to this chart to learn which GO!NotifyLink IT policies are supported and which are not supported when using the GO!NotifyLink Android Solution.