Account Setup Instructions

Gather the following information

Gather the following information prior to setting up your GO!NotifyLink account on your device.  You may need to consult your GO!NotifyLink administrator for the mail server name and authentication password.

Mail server name

This is the external address or domain name of the GO!NotifyLink server.  (It is best to use a domain name, as opposed to an IP address.)

Email address

Your email address on the groupware server.


A password generated from the GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server identifying you as an authorized GO!NotifyLink user.  Consult your GO!NotifyLink administrator for this password.


*Important!  During the account setup process, TouchDown will prompt for “Password.” 
Though the field description reads, "Your Exchange password,” you must enter the Authentication Password assigned to you by your GO!NotifyLink administrator. 
Consult your administrator for this password or log into the GO!NotifyLink Client Web and select, General > Device to view the stored password.  See Accessing the GO!NotifyLink Client Web.


Setup Your GO!NotifyLink Account on the Device

Since the GO!NotifyLink server has the ability to communicate via the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol, you use the Exchange ActiveSync account setup procedure on the device to create your GO!NotifyLink account.  Though field descriptions may be labeled “Exchange,“ keep in mind that you will always enter credentials associated with your GO!NotifyLink account.

Watch the Video


The Welcome screen appears once TouchDown installation has completed.

Tap the Configure your Account button to setup your GO!NotifyLink account.


Tap the Settings button and choose Quick Configuration…

Note:  You can also access Quick Configuration by opening Touchdown and tapping the Settings icon under the Account tab.


Step 1:

At the Configure your Account screen,
nter the following information:

Email Address – Enter your email address. 

Password – Enter the GO!NotifyLink Authentication Password given to you by your administrator.


Skip the Try AutoDiscovery button and tap Next to continue.


Step 2:


The Email Address and Password fields will be pre-populated with the credentials you entered in the previous screen.

Now enter the following information:

User ID – Enter your Email address here as well.

Domain – Leave blank.

Server – Enter the address of the GO!NotifyLink server.

GO!NotifyLink On Demand users, enter the server address noted in your welcome letter.

Tap Next.







Step 3:

If your server uses SSL encryption, check the box labeled,
Use secure connections (SSL)

Note:  An SSL certificate must be installed on your web server in order for you to use SSL.  Check with your administrator to determine if this feature is available to you.  GO!NotifyLink On Demand users should check this box, as SSL certificates are installed on all on demand servers.

The Server certificate verification option should be Autodetect.

Skip the Client Certs option, unless otherwise instructed by your administrator.

Tap Next.



Step 4:

At the Protocols to check for screen, make sure the ActiveSync box is checked.  You may leave the other boxes checked or uncheck them.

Tap Next.


Step 5:

The Start Configuration? screen appears.

Tap Next to complete the configuration process. 


Any existing data on the device associated with the TouchDown application will be deleted and replaced with email and PIM retrieved from the server.



Step 6:

Configuration results display in the Configuration Progress screen.  If successful, tap Close to proceed to the main TouchDown screen. 



You may need to wait a few minutes while TouchDown synchronizes your data.


Now go to the Settings section of this guide to learn about

selecting preferences and configuring your account.