Download and Install TouchDown

Obtain your copy of the TouchDownTM device client from the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market) using one of the links listed in step 1. 


Before You Begin

      Check the Android operating system (OS) version on your device.    This determines which edition of TouchDown you will need to download.  From the device Home screen, tap Settings > About Phone and scroll to Android version (or Firmware version).  Note the value in this field.

      Using the Google Play Store requires a Gmail account.  You can use an existing account or create one the first time you sign into Google Play.

      Make sure that you are in an area of good data coverage before you begin downloading the TouchDown application.

      Note about upgrades:  Some devices may receive an update notification signifying that a TouchDown software update is available.  If they wish, users of these devices may follow the notification prompts to update their TouchDown software instead of using the instructions outlined below.


Watch the Video



Step 1:

To obtain the download from the GO!NotifyLink portal, browse to:

Select: Android Devices: TouchDownTM app


To obtain the download from the Google Play Store, enter “nitrodesk” (no quotes) in the search bar.  A progression bar displays as the browser searches the Google Play Store.

Using the Google Play requires a Gmail account


 Select: TouchDown for Smartphones

(The TouchDown links are only accessible from an Android device.


New Installations

Step 2:

Select the TouchDown software displayed, then tap the Install button.


If you are upgrading, tap the Update button.  Then tap OK to replace your existing TouchDown software with the new version.



Step 3:

At the permissions screen that displays, tap Accept & download.  TouchDown will install in a few seconds.  When it is complete, tap Open to open TouchDown.


If you are upgrading, this completes your download/installation procedure.



Step 4:

Tap I Accept to accept the TouchDown End User License Agreement and confirm your acceptance.



Now you are ready to set up your account.

Click the Configure your Account button.



See Account Setup Instructions. . .