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GO!NotifyLink ActiveSync Solution for Android with TouchDownTM  







Users may choose to install the Touchdowndevice app in order to obtain the additional functionality that TouchDown provides.  A TouchDown license can be purchased from Globo Mobile Technologies Inc. and the application downloaded from the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market).

GO!NotifyLink and TouchDown

Why should I use TouchDown, a third party application, on my device to synchronize with GO!NotifyLink? 
The TouchDown client enables any Android device to achieve a consistent level of functionality and security. 

The variety of Android device models available, while giving users options, often results in differences in functionality across devices.  A sampling of Android devices are regularly put through a certification process for use with the GO!NotifyLink ActiveSync Solution (see a list of tested models on the portal at http://gonotifylink.globoplc.com/Android.asp.  This often reveals a lack of consistency in functionality and security across models.  Use of the TouchDown app, provides a way to maintain a standard of functionality for email and PIM synchronization, as well as device security and management.



What’s in this document

This document:

      Provides instructions for preparing your device for TouchDown and for installing the application

      Provides instructions for creating your GO!NotifyLink account on the device

      Provides links to TouchDown user guides



      You must have a user account on GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.6.2, Update 14 or greater. 
(NLES v4.6.2, Update 17 or greater is required to eliminate the need to manually input a license key to activate TouchDown.)


      It is recommended that you use one of the Android device models listed on our portal page.  Other Android models may work, however, those listed were tested and verified to work. 
See the list at: 


      Supported Android Operating System versions: 2.0–2.1, 2.2.x, 2.3–2.3.7, 3.0–3.2, 4.0–4.4

Check your OS: From the device Home screen, tap Settings > About Phone:  Firmware version


      Use the TouchDown device client application, version 8.4.00086
Use the edition appropriate for your Android OS version. 



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