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Synchronizing an Android device with the GO!NotifyLink system requires the use of the Touchdown™ device client.  The Touchdown client enables any Android device to achieve a consistent level of functionality for email and PIM synchronization, as well as device security and management. 


In addition to your GO!NotifyLink Android license, you must obtain a license for the TouchDown application from Globo Mobile Technologies Inc.  You must download the TouchDown application from the GO!NotifyLink portal page.     


Administrative Steps

Obtain from your Globo Mobile Technologies sales manager, a GO!NotifyLink Android license and a TouchDown license for the number of Android users you will support.

Other requirements


Administrators of GO!NotifyLink On Premise Systems must:


Create a GO!NotifyLink account with a TouchDown for Android license key for the user

When you add an Android user to the system through the GO!NotifyLink Administrative Web Console, select the TouchDown for Android license key.
If the user previously used another device type, you will need to remove his/her GO!NotifyLink account and add it again using the TouchDown for Android license key.



Administrators of GO!NotifyLink On Demand Systems must:

Provision Android users with a TouchDown for Android seat

When you add a user through the GO!NotifyLink provisioning page, select the Android with TouchDown device type.
If the user previously used another device type, you will need to edit his/her GO!NotifyLink account choosing the Android with TouchDown device type.






End User Steps


Check requirements here.


Download and Install the TouchDown application

Step 1:  From your device browser navigate to http://notifylink.notify.net/ota.asp

    Select Android Devices:  TouchDownTM App

 A progression bar displays as the browser searches.  The search completes quickly and displays the TouchDown software.


Step 2:  Select the TouchDown software displayed, then tap the Install button.


Step 3:  At the permissions screen that displays, tap Accept & Download.  TouchDown will install in a few seconds.  When it is complete, tap Open to open TouchDown.


Step 4:  Tap I Accept to accept the End User License Agreement.











Set Up Your GO!NotifyLink Account on the Device

See instructions




To learn more about TouchDown™ by Symantechttp://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=DOC7488