Account Settings

Account Settings allow you to view information about the GO!NotifyLink account set up for you on the server.  Most of the information can only be viewed and cannot be edited from the device.  Account information is synchronized to the device during the registration process.  Account Settings does give you the ability to set your device to use SSL support or to change the server address (or domain name) should it be altered during the course of your service with GO!NotifyLink


Menu options give you additional abilities: 

      You can synchronize current account information from the server instead of changing it manually. (Recommended if changes are made, to assure information matches on both sides).

      You can delete the account from the device.  This might be used if the device was being prepared for redistribution.


Help 2This settings option has User Assistance  
 Select Show Help from the menu to display help text.


View Account Settings


1.  Select the GO!NotifyLink icon from the Home screen.

2.  From the message list menu, select Preferences > Account Settings.




3.  Device Key and Pin information can only be viewed.  These are system assigned identifiers that are only changed when the account is deleted and reregistered.

4.  Last Sync allows you to view the last date and time that synchronization took place.

5.  The Server Address is the external IP address of your GO!NotifyLink web server.  It should not be altered unless your GO!NotifyLink administration specifically instructs you to do so. 

6.  Check the Use SSL box if you are using SSL security. 

NOTE:  An SSL certificate must be installed on the GO!NotifyLink server in order to use SSL.  See Secure Your Device with SSL for more information.

7.  If you make any changes in the Account Settings, you should Synchronize Account Settings (from the menu options).  This will assure your settings match what is on record with the server.

8.  Select Save from the menu.


Account Settings Menu Options


Saves the changes and exits the screen.

Change Account Name

Changes the name of the account being displayed (default is the cdsakey).

Delete Account

Use to delete the account from the device.  This might be used if the device is being prepared for redistribution to another user.

Send Device Info

Device statistics, such as Email and PIM poll cycle data and device hardware and software information, are automatically sent to the server every 24 hours.  This option allows you to send an update with the next synchronization session.

Sync Account Settings

Use to synchronize all current account settings from the server instead of changing them manually on the device (recommended - to assure your information matches on both server and device). 

Delete Device HWP Records

Removes all HWP records stored on the device.  HWP records are created after receiving the SMS from NLES and should be removed when the device downloads the notification.  This is a troubleshooting option which a technical support representative may instruct you to use to free up memory on the device.