Equipping Devices with BeamReader

BeamReaderTM, SLG mobile, Inc.’s native PDF reader for BlackBerry, can be downloaded via the Check for Updates option in the GO!NotifyLink Preferences menu.

In order to activate BeamReader software downloaded via Check for Updates, the license for the product must be purchased through Globo Mobile Technologies Inc.  The software can be run as a trial until the purchase. 

BeamReader software may also be purchased via the SLG Mobile. Inc. website.

Note:  Users with BlackBerry OS versions less than 7.0 may wish to purchase this application for viewing .pdf attachments.  Operating system 7.0 or greater, however, comes with the .pdf viewer, PDF TO GO®.


Device Requirements for BeamReader

•      BlackBerry OS v4.5 or higher

•      GO!NotifyLink for BlackBerry app version 4.7.x or greater

•      Interface with GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server version 4.7.x or greater

•      A BeamReader license (consult your administrator)


Procedure for Obtaining Your BeamReader Software Through Globo Mobile Technologies

1.  Consult your administrator to verify that BeamReader licensed seats have been purchased for your system.

2.  Download the BeamReader software via the Check for Updates option in GO!NotifyLink Preferences.

•      Open GO!NotifyLink and press the menu button.  Select Preferences > Check For Updates.

•      Check the BeamReader option and click Continue or select Perform Updates from the menu to download the application.

•      The BeamReader software you download may be used for a trial period until it is registered on the GO!NotifyLink server.

3.  Once your device is registered against the GO!NotifyLink server, coordinate with your administrator to have your BeamReader seat registered.

4.  Your BeamReader license will activate during the next connection between your device and the server.