Notification Settings

Notification Settings allow you to select which item types trigger a notification alert.  The Notification Summary option must be enabled in order for an alert, in the form of a pop-up dialog box, to appear on the device.  All notifications are enabled by default.


Note: Notifications are not sent for item synchronization events involving the Sent or Trash email folders.


Sample notification pop-up dialog


Help 2This settings option has User Assistance  
 Select Show Help from the menu to display help text.


1.  Select the GO!NotifyLink icon from the Home screen.

2.  From the message list menu, select Preferences > Notification Settings.

3.  Use the checkboxes to enable or disable the generation of notifications for each item type.  You can also use pop-up menu options, All Notifications Off and All Notifications On.


Notification Summary

If enabled, a dialog displays after each synchronization summarizing all the items that were processed.  The notification indicates the type of item, the number of items, and whether they are new (New), updated (Upd), or deleted (Del) items.  See sample above.

Meeting Invitation Notifications

If enabled, meeting invitations generate notifications.

Level One Email

If enabled, Level One emails generate notifications. A Level One Email notification indicates when urgent messages are sent.

Calendar Item Notifications

If enabled, calendar adds, updates, or deletes generate notifications.

Contact Item Notifications

If enabled, contact adds, updates, or deletes generate notifications.

Email Item Notifications

If enabled, email adds, updates, or deletes generate notifications.

Task item Notifications

If enabled, task adds, updates, or deletes generate notifications.