Over-the-Air Installation


Before you Begin Over-the-Air Installation

      Review the GO!NotifyLink Device Client Requirements section thoroughly.

      If you plan to use a BIS Email Account (gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) on the device along with your GO!NotifyLink account, set up your BIS Email account first.  Wait for the service books to be sent down to the device, then delete the CICAL service book from the device before you install GO!NotifyLink.  See knowledge base article for more details.

      Disable the Encryption (≥OS v5.0) or Content Protection (<OS v5.0) option on your BlackBerry as it will prevent GO!NotifyLink from accessing the Contact, Calendar, and Task information stored on the device.  Access these settings from the BlackBerry Home screen.

For OS versions ≥5.0 - Select Options > Security > Encryption and disable the Encrypt option for Device Memory.

For OS versions <5.0 - Select Options > Security Options > General Settings and disable Content Protection.

      Set the device to the language of your choice prior to installing GO!NotifyLink (Options > Language).  Doing so will ensure a more complete language conversion. Of the GO!NotifyLink application.

      Backup your device.  If your device contains information such as Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks, Memos, or messages that you do not wish to lose, backup your device before you begin the installation process.  Wired devices may use the Backup and Restore application in the Desktop Manager.

      Security Prompts.  After the installation is completed and you have rebooted your device, you will see several security prompts which ask you to give the GO!NotifyLink application permission to run.
For any GO!NotifyLink related security prompt: Check the box titled, Do not ask again and select the Allow button.


Considerations for Over-the-Air Installation

      Check your device for the “IPPP for BIBS” service book for the Internet Browser (a protocol for BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service).  Presence of this service book indicates that the carrier supports BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which is required for over-the-air downloads.
Check for this service book by selecting Options > Advanced Options > Service Books.

      Time Requirements. The application download may take several minutes to complete.  Download time may vary depending upon: carrier, network type, network coverage, device type or the number of optional applications that you install. 

      Wireless Coverage.  Stay in an area with good data coverage while you are downloading the application.  This helps to prevent network errors, which would require you to restart the download.


Over-the-Air Installation


 Watch the Video


Step 1:


Open the device browser and enter the Web address: select the Browser icon.







Step 2:


Select the BlackBerry Devices link.




At the STOP screen, read the conditions for additional steps you must take if you are:

      using your device to synchronize a BIS Email account along with your GO!NotifyLink account

      upgrading GO!NotifyLink on a BlackBerry Storm. 


Click to view the additional steps or continue with the download.

Step 3:


Select the Download button to download the application.


Hint:  Leave the Set applications permissions box unchecked, unless you wish to manually adjust your BlackBerry’s permission settings.

A progression displays as the application downloads.


An Application Permissions screen prompts you to grant GO!NotifyLink trusted application status. 


Select Yes.





A dialog displays indicating that the installation was successful.  Select Run.


GO!NotifyLink opens to the registration screen.


You are now ready to register your GO!NotifyLink account.  See Registering Your Device.



  The GO!NotifyLink icon appears on your Applications or Downloads page.  You can move the GO!NotifyLink icon to the screen of your choice.  See instructions.



Application Permissions


You may see other Application Permissions requests.  Always grant requests that reference the GO!NotifyLink application.






OTA Installation Troubleshooting



Cause and Solution

“Error 903: Loss of service”

The connection between the device and server was interrupted during the download.  Ensure that the device is in a good data coverage area and download the application again.

“Error 907: Invalid Jar”

One of the modules downloaded is invalid.  This is usually caused by a network error during the download process.  Ensure that the device is in a good data coverage area and download the application again.

“Insufficient space for application”

There is not enough free memory to download and install the applications that were selected.  Free up some memory by deleting unneeded email, calendar/contact/task items, or applications.  See Reclaiming Device Memory.

When I go to the download page I get an error stating: “You must use the Internet Browser on your BlackBerry device to download this application.”

The BlackBerry Internet Browser on your BlackBerry device is the only browser that can download the application.  If a different browser is used to access the download page, this message is displayed along with the “User Agent” header that your browser sent to the page.

GO!NotifyLink application does not open when I click on the GO!NotifyLink icon.

You did not reset the device after installation completed.  Reboot the device.