From the Tasks screen you may create new tasks and delete or view existing tasks.  Task synchronization settings will determine whether or not tasks are synchronized from your device to the server.  See Notification Settings for more information.

You can view the task list sorted either by Subject, Priority, Due Date, or Status.  Select Options from the task menu to change the sorting order.

Select the BlackBerry Tasks icon from the Home screen.  The task list displays and provides you with a Find tool to quickly locate the task you want.  Enter as much of the task subject as you know.  With the entry of one letter, the list narrows to include only tasks whose subject contains a word beginning with that letter.  The more characters entered, the less inclusive the list becomes.   When you find and highlight the task, pressing the Enter key will allow you to open and edit it.

NOTE:  All PIM functions (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks) use the BlackBerry user interface, but process the data through the GO!NotifyLink application.


Adding New Tasks

Task Menu Options

Task Preferences