Troubleshooting Attachments


When viewing attachments on a message, the table shows only “0 b” for size.


In the server Control Options, make sure that Smart Retrieval is turned off. Also, make sure that in Notification Format, both Attachment Names and Sizes are selected. This will fix subsequent notifications, but any current notifications will remain as they are.

When trying to download a file, a network error occurs.


This usually happens if the server is unavailable, or the device was not able to make a connection.  A dialog will be shown with details about the error.  If the problem persists, try turning the radio on/off or perform a soft reset.  

I am getting an error message when trying to download an attachment, which states:  “There is not enough free memory to download the selected attachment.”


There is not enough memory to save the attachment on the device. You can free some memory by deleting some data in some applications and trying again later. Hitting the details button when the error is shown will show the size of the attachment trying to be downloaded and the amount of free memory being reported by the device.

A message with attachments is not sending.  It is staying in the Outbox with a status icon that looks like an x.


Open the message in the Outbox. The top of the message should have an error message as to why sending failed.  If the error states, "File not found. Filename: xxx", the file that was attached to the message may have been moved or may not be able to be opened.  Verify that the file exists and that it is able to be opened.  Once the issue is resolved resend the message by highlighting it and selecting “Resend” from the menu.