Using GO!NotifyLink


The topics that follow provide information on using GO!NotifyLink to synchronize email and PIM items between your device and your user account on a mail/PIM server.

      The GO!NotifyLink for BlackBerry device application communicates with the GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server to synchronize email to and from your collaboration suite server. 

      The GO!NotifyLink Enterprise Server synchronizes collaboration suite PIM items (calendar events, contacts, and tasks) to your BlackBerry’s native Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks applications.


GO!NotifyLink Menus

Menus for devices running BlackBerry operating system version 6.0 or greater will look slightly different than on devices with older OS versions.  Menus appear as pop-ups with icons as well as text.




Menu on devices running
BlackBerry OS versions less than 6.0

Menus with icons on devices running
BlackBerry OS v6.0 or greater


GO!NotifyLink Email App Screen Header


Example 1: Device with radio signal                      Example 2:  A charging device using WiFi


The GO!NotifyLink header displays a variety of indicators that communicate information such as:  current date and time, folder name, push status, radio signal, WiFi status, network type, battery status, charging status, and Outbox errors. 

The header appears in the following GO!NotifyLink screens:

      Message List Screen

      Compose Screen

      Open Message Screen

      Remote Lookup Screen

      Request Meeting Screen

      Registration Screen


This chart documents the various components of the screen header:

Header Component

Description and Symbols



Current time

Top left corner of the header


Today’s date

Bottom left corner of the header

Email Retrieval Status

Set in General Settings, if email retrieval is disabled, a red OFF displays.  The area is blank when email retrieval is enabled.

Top left, to the right of the time

Folder Name

The folder that is currently displayed with the total number of messages and unread messages.  EX: Inbox (2/0)

Bottom center of the header

Push Status

The current status of the Push session:




Waiting (Direct Push)

 Off or outside the range of the push schedule

Top center, above the folder name

You may see more than one symbol if the device is performing multiple actions.


When WiFi is on a WiFi icon  displays.  The area is blank if WiFi is off.

Top right corner

Radio Signal

Radio signal and signal strength is represented by an antenna with five bars to the right.  The radio bars match the number of bars on the device home screen.  A red X is displayed to the right of the antenna if the radio is off.

Top right corner

Network Type

The network type is represented by the following abbreviations:

UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, gprs, NXTL, nxtl, EVDO, 1X, 1x

Top right, under the radio signal

Battery Status

Battery icon color is based on the level of remaining charge.  The percentage displays underneath it.

Blue – 81-100%

Dark Green – 61-80%

Dark Orange – 41-60%

Orange – 21-40%

Bottom right section

Charging Status

A plug icon  appears when the device is plugged in and charging.

Bottom right section in place of the battery icon

Outbox Errors

The number of Outbox errors is displayed followed by a red X.  EX: 2X

Outbox errors appear if a synchronization failure occurs because the server rejects information sent to it. Go to the Outbox folder and open the message to view details of the failure.

Top center, to the right of the push status



Email: Reading

Email: Writing