Wired Installation


Before you Begin a Wired Installation

      Review the GO!NotifyLink Device Client Requirements section thoroughly.

      If you are using an OS version older than 5.0 and you plan to use a BIS Email Account (gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) on the device along with your GO!NotifyLink account, set up your BIS Email account first.  Wait for the service books to be sent down to the device, then delete the CICAL service book from the device before you install GO!NotifyLink.  See knowledge base article for more details.

      Disable the Encryption (≥OS v5.0) or Content Protection (<OS v5.0) option on your BlackBerry as it will prevent GO!NotifyLink from accessing the Contact, Calendar, and Task information stored on the device.  Access these settings from the BlackBerry Home screen.

For OS versions ≥5.0 - Select Options > Security > Encryption and disable the Encrypt option for Device Memory.

For OS versions <5.0 - Select Options > Security Options > General Settings and disable Content Protection.

      Set the device to the language of your choice prior to installing GO!NotifyLink (Options > Language).  Doing so will ensure a more complete language conversion. Of the GO!NotifyLink application.

      Backup your device.  If your device contains information such as Contacts, Calendar events, Tasks, Memos, or messages that you do not wish to lose, backup your device before you begin the installation process.  Wired devices may use the Backup and Restore application in the Desktop Manager.

      Security Prompts.  After the installation is completed and you have rebooted your device, you will see several security prompts which ask you to give the GO!NotifyLink application permission to run.
For any GO!NotifyLink related security prompt: Check the box titled, Do not ask again and select the Allow button.


Considerations for Wired Installation

      BlackBerry Desktop Software is required to perform a wired installation of GO!NotifyLink for BlackBerry.  Downloaded to your computer workstation, this software provides tools for application loading, backups, and restorations.  Download the most current version available. 


Accessing and Installing the BlackBerry Software

Links to the BlackBerry software can be obtained from the GO!NotifyLink portal page and are listed by carrier/by device.  Many of them are BlackBerry sites.  Some are carrier sites.  Most of these sites give you access to both the BlackBerry Desktop Software and the BlackBerry Handheld Software. 


1.  From a browser on your computer workstation, enter the web address, http://notifylink.notify.net/downloadBlackBerry.asp and select the Download Desktop Installer link.

2.  Install the Desktop Manager onto your computer workstation (under the Requirements section).   Use BlackBerry Desktop Software v5.0 or later.  BlackBerry Desktop Software

3.  Update your BlackBerry’s operating system software if you need to (under the Requirements section).  BlackBerry OS Software


You are now ready to install GO!NotifyLink for BlackBerry.



Installing GO!NotifyLink

Download the GO!NotifyLink application.  From a browser on your computer workstation enter the URL http://notifylink.notify.net/downloadBlackBerryDesktop.asp and download the BlackBerry Client.


1.  Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer workstation.

Hint:  If the Desktop Manager icon does not appear on your desktop, you can find the program, DesktopMgr, in the BlackBerry folder of your installation directory.  The default path is:  C:\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\DesktopMgr.

2.  Select the Application Loader icon.  When the Application Loader Wizard appears, select Next.

3.  Select GO!NotifyLink application.  If the GO!NotifyLink application does not appear on the list you will need to add it. Click the Add button on the application list.  Navigate to the Loader Files directory and open the NotifyLink.alx file.


If the GO!NotifyLink application is listed on the Application Loader screen, but no other applications or system software are listed, there are two possible


Possible Cause


You do not have the correct BlackBerry operating system software installed.

Check the BlackBerry Operating System Software you have installed.  Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and select Help, then About Desktop Manager

Select the Device Software tab on the About dialog box and verify that your model is listed.

If your model is not listed, download the correct operating system software from your carrier and install it on your computer workstation.

You have multiple operating system software modules installed on your workstation and the application loader is not recognizing the software for your device.

Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

On your computer workstation, rename the following file by changing the file extension from .xml to .txt.  The renamed file should read:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Vendor.txt

Run the Application Loader again and verify that the system software is listed in the application list.


4.  Once all the applications you want to load are in the list and checked, select Next to continue.

Hint:  An error reading, “Some required files are missing,” indicates that you have not installed the BlackBerry Operating System Software for your device.

5.  A summary screen is displayed.  It shows the applications to be loaded, a summary of how much space is available on the device, and how much space is needed to load the selected applications.  Select Finish to start loading the applications.