GO!NotifySync Requirements


License Requirements

There is a license key associated with the GO!NotifySync application.  You may need this license key to register your device.  Check with your Administrator.
Licenses can be purchased by contacting Globo Mobile Technologies Inc. at sales@notifycorp.com or 408.777.7930.


Service Requirements

You will need one of the following:

      Cellular connection supporting data transmission. 

      WiFi connection with internet access.

Please refer to your device User Guide or contact your carrier/manufacturer for help in configuring this service.


Memory Requirements

      1.8 MB of free space is required to install the GO!NotifySync application.

      Additional memory is needed to download and store email, calendar events, contacts, and tasks.


BlackBerry Operating System (OS) Requirements

BlackBerry® OS versions 4.5 – 7.1


Supported Groupware Servers

The GO!NotifySync application synchronizes Email and PIM items with groupware servers supporting the Exchange ActiveSync® protocol.  See Knowledge Base article for details.

Note:  If you are synchronizing with a Microsoft Exchange 2007 server that has been upgraded to Service Pack 1, please read Knowledge Base article




                        Verify the Requirements on Your Device    

Check the OS version on which your device is operating

Go to Options > Device > About Device Versions

Check Available Memory

Go to Options > Device > Device and Status Information.  

Check whether your device has been provisioned for data connection

Test #1: If you can connect to the internet from the browser, chances are you are data provisioned.

Test #2:  Check whether your device supports BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
From the Home screen select Options > Advanced System Settings > Service Book.  If there is a service book called, IPPP for BIBS [IPPP], the carrier supports BIS and the device is data provisioned.

Check whether your device is WiFi equipped

If your device is equipped with network connection alternatives (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) you will see an option called Manage Connections on the device’s main screen.  If the device only has an option to Turn Wireless On/Off, this indicates that the device does not offer connection alternatives.