Installing GO!NotifySync

You can install the GO!NotifySync application over-the-air or via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. 


      Over-The-Air (OTA) Installation – This is the recommended method.  Install GO!NotifySync on the device via Internet or WiFi connections.

      BlackBerry Desktop Manager Installation - Use your computer workstation with the device connected through a USB cable.  Wired installation requires that you first download BlackBerry Desktop Manager software v5.0 or higher onto your computer workstation



GO!NotifySync has been adapted to accommodate the following languages in addition to the original English (US):

   Chinese (Simplified)


   Chinese (Traditional)






Although the language setting can be changed at any time, if done after installation of GO!NotifySync, the language conversion will be only 95% complete.  During installation, GO!NotifySync performs certain initialization processes that are not performed at any other time.  As a result, items that are a part of these processes are rendered in the language the device is set to at the time of installation.


Follow these best practices if you plan to use language settings other than English (US):

New Installations:  Set the device to the language of your choice prior to installing GO!NotifySync (Options > Language).  Doing so will ensure a more complete language conversion. 

If you are using GO!NotifySync in English, but wish to change the language setting: For the most complete translation, you should uninstall GO!NotifySync, set the desired language (Options > Language), then re-install GO!NotifySync.  (Restored data from device backups will not undergo a full language conversion.)


Over-the-Air Installation

Wired Installation