Registering Your Device

Once the GO!NotifySync installation is complete, you can create and register your user account. 
Email and PIM synchronization will not begin until you are registered.


Help 2The registration screens have User Assistance  
 Select Show Help from the menu to display help text.

 Watch the Video



If the Registration screen is not already displayed, select the GO!NotifySync icon from your BlackBerry menu


Hint: It may be located in the Applications or the Downloads folder.

GO!NotifySync Icon

Step 1:

Enter the Email address and Password associated with your ActiveSync server account.

The Network Setting field allows you to choose what GO!NotifySync uses when opening network connections.  The default is Auto Detect, which chooses an appropriate network setting based on available services.  Accept Auto Detect and prioritize the connection types from the Advanced… screen, or select your Preferred Network type.  See Advanced Network Settings.

Notes:  You can change your network setting at any time. See Network Settings.
If you intend to use Direct Push synchronization, you must select TCP as your preferred network setting. 

Select Next to allow the registration process to autodiscover your server address. This may take several minutes depending on your network setting.


Select Manual Setup to manually enter your username, domain, and server address, and choose whether or not to use an HTTPS connection. You can disable the Autodiscover option as well, if your mail server does not support it. See Manual Setup.



If a prompt for a License Key pops up, enter the key your administrator has provided.


The device will retrieve your server configuration settings. 

If there are multiple server configurations, you will need to select the one your administrator has specified.



Step 2:

Confirm your configuration settings. 

You may use the Edit option to make any necessary changes. Select Next to continue.




Final Step

Select the type(s) of items you wish to synchronize to your device.

-Check the box to synchronize Email.

-For PIM items (calendar, contacts, tasks, memos) choose whether you wish to:

      Replace Device Items – Deletes items currently on the device and replaces them with items synchronized from the server.

      Merge Items* – Merges the items that currently exist on the device and server together in both locations.

      Do Not Sync – Prevents this item type from synchronizing.

*A note about Merging:  When items exist on both the server and device, choosing to Merge Items will result in duplicates on both the server and device.

Tasks and Memos:

-If the Tasks or Memo Pad applications are not installed on the device, Tasks and Memos will not be available.
-Memo items cannot be merged.
-Memo synchronization is not supported on devices interfacing with an Exchange 2010 server.  Exchange 2003 and 2007 do support memos.

Select Finish to complete the registration.



If you chose to merge or replace any of the PIM items, a dialog appears indicating the affect merging or replacing has on existing data.

Before continuing, you may wish to backup important items that may be lost in this process.

When you are ready to proceed, select Yes.





You will see the device Inbox once the registration is completed.

Check the top-left corner to verify that the correct time and date are showing.

The Inbox will populate as the device completes its first synchronization cycle.


Email Address Synchronization
GO!NotifySync will verify the email address you entered during registration against the email address(es) associated with the active user account on the server.


The dialog box at left appears only if there is a discrepancy and allows you to choose another address from those listed on the server.



You are now registered with GO!NotifySync. 






Advanced Network Settings

Manual Setup