Maintenance and Usage Tips

What to Do If You Change Devices

If you change devices or get a new device your GO!NotifySync account must be deactivated before you can register the new device.


Backup Your GO!NotifySync Settings (optional)

If your old device has a storage card, you can backup your GO!NotifySync Preferences and restore them on the new device.

1.  On the old device, open GO!NotifySync and press the menu button. 

2.  Select Preferences > Account Settings

3.  Press the menu button and select Backup Configuration.

4.  Remove the storage card and insert it in the new device before you register the GO!NotifySync app on it.


Deactivate Your Account

1.  Access the deactivation web site at

2.  Enter the license key (found in Account Settings) and the device PIN (found in Device Info) or the username/domain (found in Account Settings).

3.  Click Submit

4.  Once your account has been deactivated, download and install GO!NotifySync on the new device and register it.  This allows the registration server to obtain the new device PIN.


On the New Device:  Install, Restore Configuration (optional), and Register

      Download and install GO!NotifySync on the new device and register it.  The GO!NotifySync registration server will obtain the new device PIN and your account will be reactivated.

      As you register the new device, restore the GO!NotifySync Preferences from your old device (if you saved them to a storage card).  At the first registration screen, press the menu button and select Restore Configuration.


On the Old Device:  Uninstall GO!NotifySync

      Uninstall GO!NotifySync from the old device.  This removes the GO!NotifySync application and all the application data files.  See Uninstall the GO!NotifySync Application.