Lock Settings

Lock Settings give you the ability to activate a variety of lock features on your device, which can automatically secure your device in the event that it is lost or stolen. 

Lock Behavior.  While the lock is imposed, you will not be able to access device applications or make outgoing phone calls.  You will be able to receive calls.  Entering the password you defined in Password Settings unlocks the device.


1.  Select Start > Programs (WMP) > NotifyLink Preferences > Security Settings.

2.  Enter the current lock password and select Submit.

3.  Select Lock Settings.




4.  Define the lock settings described below:

Lock Setting




Inactivity Timeout

Check to enable and enter number of minutes before the device locks due to inactivity.  Must be less than the Challenge Timeout.

1-60 min


Challenge Timeout

Check to enable and enter the number of minutes before the device locks.  This lock is initiated regardless of inactivity and is intended to challenge the use of the device if it is lost or stolen.  It must be greater than the Inactivity Timeout.

10-300 min


Password Echo

Check to enable and enter the number of password entry attempts before the last password you typed is unmasked.  This serves to inform you of the entry error you are making (i.e. caps lock is on, transposing characters, etc.)  It should be less than the Wipe on Failed Unlock Attempts.

1-15 times


Wipe on Failed Unlock Attempts

Check to enable and enter the number of failed unlock attempts before the device forces a hard reset (all data/applications are wiped from the device).  This limits the chances an unauthorized user has to guess a password.

5-15 times


Duress Notification

Check to enable and enter an Email address to which a duress notification will be sent.

User activates the duress notification if he/she is forced to unlock the device under duress by entering the password in an altered format (shift all characters to the left).  EX: If lock password is “guarddog”, the duress password is “uarddogg”.

A high priority Email notification is sent to the specified Email address with the Subject: “NotifyLink Duress Notification.”  The notification is completely hidden from view.  It does not appear in the Outbox, Sent Items, or Deleted Items folders.

Email address format


Lock Message

The message that displays on the device screen when a lock is imposed.

500 characters

If found please…


5.  Select Done to save the changes.