Uninstalling the Application


You may remove the NotifyLink application from a device using the device or using a desktop computer with the device connected to it.


To uninstall the device application using the device

1.  Select Start > Settings > Remove Programs (on the WMP device’s System tab). 

2.  Select 'Notify Technology NotifyLink' from the Program List.

3.  Select the Remove button and then Yes at the prompt.

4.  Proceed to the clean-up instructions.


To uninstall the device application using a computer workstation

1.  Connect the device to a computer on which Microsoft ActiveSync® is installed.

2.  Open ActiveSync.

3.  Select Tools > Add/Remove Programs.

4.  Remove the check beside ‘Notify Technology NotifyLink’ on the program list and select OK.

5.  Proceed to the cleanup instructions.