Push Settings


Your mail account, synchronizing via NotifyLink, is a “push” account.  When new messages, contacts, calendar events, or tasks are available, the information is automatically delivered (pushed) to your iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad.  This is the equivalent of the NotifyLink “Direct Push” mode.

Push Synchronization with Wi-Fi Connections.  If you do not have a cellular connection, the device can receive pushed data over a Wi-Fi connection when the device is awake (screen is on or device is connected to your computer or a power adapter).


In contrast, with “fetch” service, the device must periodically check the server to see if new messages have arrived and then request a delivery.  Fetch is used if Push is turn off and the user may define the frequency of the fetch sessions.  “Fetch” is the equivalent of the NotifyLink “Scheduled Push” mode. 

Mail, contacts, calendar events and tasks sent from the device will process immediately, independent of the scheduled fetch sessions.


Change Your Push Setting

Push mode is the default setting on your device.  You may, however, wish to temporarily suspend Push service if you are outside a service area or wish to conserve battery life.  When Push is turned OFF, data can still be fetched at periodic intervals or manually.

Battery Life.  Though Push mode offers more up-to-the-minute message delivery, for some users, increased battery consumption may be the tradeoff.  If your battery is not lasting as long as you would like, try using the Fetch mode.


1.  From the Home screen tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2.  Tap Fetch New Data

3.  Turn Push OFF

4.  Choose the interval at which the device should “fetch” data or tap Manually.

      Every 15 Minutes

      Every 30 Minutes


      Manually  (use the “reload” icon  on the Mailbox or Inbox screen to fetch)