GroupWise System Requirements

Supported GroupWise Server Versions (English version):

      GroupWise 2014

      GroupWise 2012

      GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3

      GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2

      GroupWise 8.0.2 HP1

      GroupWise 8.0.2

      GroupWise 8.0.1*
*For GroupWise 8.0 and later, the GO!NotifyLink Messaging Component should be installed on machines running Windows Server 2003 or other more recent releases of Windows Server.  See Messaging Component Requirements.
*See also, GW version 6.5.6/8.0 compatibility issue described in GO!NotifyLink Knowledge Base article.

      GroupWise 7.0.4

      GroupWise 6.5.6up2

The server should point to the POA.  Pointing to the GWIA is not recommended.


Internet Addressing must be enabled for GroupWise to function properly with the GO!NotifyLink software. For more information on enabling this feature, please contact your GroupWise administrator.


GroupWise Client.  In addition, GroupWise Client (English version) should be installed on the server where the GO!NotifyLink Messaging Component resides.

Supported GroupWise Client versions are:







Registering GO!NotifyLink as a Trusted Application.  Please read Recommendations and Requirements in the section documenting registration of GO!NotifyLink as a trusted application.