Meeting Maker System Requirements

Supported Meeting Maker versions (English version):

      Meeting Maker version 8.8.2 / Meeting Maker Sync Servlet 8.8.0

      Meeting Maker version 8.8.1 / Meeting Maker Sync Servlet 8.8.0

      Meeting Maker version 8.8.0 / Meeting Maker Sync Servlet 8.8.0

For the GO!NotifyLink to Meeting Maker Interface:

      Meeting Maker Sync Servlet corresponding to the collaboration suite version used (see above).

      Apache Tomcat 5.5.9 or 6.0*

      Java Versions 

Sun J2SE 5.0 or J2SE 6.0

Sun J2SDK 1.5 or J2SDK 1.6

      Intel Pentium IV processor or better

*The Meeting Maker Servlet installation guide states that Meeting Maker Sync Servlet was tested and verified against these versions, but newer versions may work as well.

Memory requirements for the servlet will vary based on the amount of data it is handling.  It is recommended that you allocate as much memory to the servlet as the server allows (512 MB to 1 GB if possible).  An average of 20 MB of hard drive space for each user is also needed.

See System Architecture: Meeting Maker Servlet Configuration for recommendations on servlet configuration.


NOTE:  As Meeting Maker is a collaboration suite dedicated exclusively to PIM processing (calendar, contact, and task data), any information on email in this guide refers to messages processed through your elected email system.