Enterprise Server Software Installation

Before the installation:

*    Have License(s) that were provided by your GO!Notify Sales Representative ready.   

*    Gather the Internal and External IP addresses of your web server.                         
Create an external DNS entry for the GO!NotifyLink web server.


1.  Review the Installation Guide.                                                                     

2.  Install the GO!NLES software components.                                                          

      Open Internet Explorer and enter http://notifylink.notify.net/

      Under Download, choose New Server Installation.

      Fill out the form and click the Download button.

      Install the components, in this order, according to your configuration plan:

a.  GO!NLES Database Component  Microsoft Redistributable for Windows Server 2003

b.  GO!NLES Web/HTTP Component

c.  GO!NLES Messaging Component

Reference the Installation Guide under Server Installation.

3.  Install Software Patches (if available).                                                                 

      Stop all GO!NLES services – From the Windows Control Panel choose:

Administrative Tools > Services – Stop all services with the prefix GO!NLES.

      Open Internet Explorer and enter http://notifylink.notify.net/

      Under Downloads, choose Software Patches and apply the latest patch.

      Restart all the GO!NLES services.

4.  Establish quick access routes to the Administrative Web and Client Web.    

Add the address to your browser’s favorites or create a shortcut on your desktop.

The address for the Administrative Web is:
http://<your web server or domain name>/admin

The Administrative Web’s default username is:  admin

The Administrative Web’s default password is:  admin

Change this default password during your first login.  Select Server Administration > Administrative Logins.

The address for the Client Web is:
http://<your web server or domain name>/client

Use an active user’s email address and password to login once you have added user accounts.


Proceed to the post installation tasks to configure your GO!NotifyLink system.